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Eurasian blackbird

Eurasian blackbird.

Representatives of the species are about 23.5 to 29 cm long, have a long tail and weigh 80 to 125 grams.

The elderly male has a glossy black plumage, black-brown legs, an orange brow, and an orange beak. The beak darkens somewhat in the winter.

The females have a smoky brown color, a dull yellowish brown beak and a faint patter on the chest. The young specimen is similar to the female, but the pale spots cover its upper parts.

The youngest also have colorful breasts. Young birds vary in browns, and the darker ones are probably males.

In his first year, the young man has a dark beak and a paleer circle around the eye.


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Written by Georgi Tsachev


  1. I have one living in my garden, a male, and he is the “ruler,” he owns the yard. Even my hens who run free in it are not his friends : ) A wonderful bird, but when in the spring he starts his singing at fore a clock in the morning, even tho he sings wonderfully, it can be tyresom. He wakes me up so often because the branch in front of my bedroom window seems to be his favorite : )