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Documents Reveal Monsanto Surveilled Neil Young


Neil Young is one of the most famous rock stars in the world.  He has been creating music since the 1960’s.  He performed at the first Live Aid.  However, he was put on the radar of Monsanto when he made an album in 2015 called “The Monsanto Years.”  

New documents were released last week that Monsanto began to monitor Neil Young after the album was released four years ago because Young is a very influential voice that farmers listen to and respect.  

Monsanto is attempting to control the public narrative about the weed killer known as Roundup.  Roundup contains glyphosate, a chemical that has been scientifically proven to cause cancer.  However, no warning labels appear on the product.  Nevertheless, Bayer, the owner of Monsanto, has been found negligible in three different lawsuits in 2019 to the tune of $2 billion (USD).

In the 14 minute video, the report also shows that Monsanto has smeared journalists and activists that post anything about Monsanto in a negative light.  In regards to Neil Young, Monsanto is now trying to use another rock group that believes that the concept of genetically modified organisms (GMO) cannot hurt people and that it is another conspiracy theory made up by the government.  The name of the group is Element 115.  

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