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Do you have COVID toes?

As more and more people begin learning about the symptoms of the coronavirus known as COVID-19, a new symptom has been pinpointed.  Those who are asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus have experienced what is being called “COVID toes.”  In Italy, about one in five people that were asymptomatic with COVID-19 had lesions, rashes, and discoloration of their toes.

You may be feeling all right, but you may to take your socks off right now and see if you have COVID toes.  Do not forget to wash your legs and your feet so that you do not contract COVID toes.

#1 Doctors warn of mystery coronavirus symptom called ‘COVID toes’

Look at those toes!  The lesions and bruising on the toes is a sign that is now being called "COVID toes."  Wiggle your toes daily so that your toes do not end up being out of whack like the toes in this video while you are quarantining.


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