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My Diana F+ Photos with Lomography Film

I recently acquired a Diana F+ Medium format camera from Lomography.  It came with accessories and extra lens for special effects.  I had been reading about the cheap plastic cameras making a comeback from the eighties.

My mother had recently passed away and used to attend vacation sales events in order to receive a free camera.  She never got the Diana or Holga that was popular in the eighties.  She did get a few that kinda work today.  The cheap plastic camera will always hols special memories for me and I enjoy using them.  (I have gained a few since I purchased the first one)

A palm tree from the same trip in Florida.  There is a nice blue line that runs along the center of every picture, but it only noticeable in this one.  The line adds to the photo rather than detract from it.  There could have been a tiny grain of sand trapped inside of the camera, which fell out later.  It could be a small imperfection of the camera.  

I used the fish-eye filter for this shot.  Same flowers in my mother's front yard.  She never raked the leaves from her flowers.  She claimed that nobody went into the forests of wild fields of flowers and raked that area, so her flowers should be just as fine if not better off without it.


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