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Few are the moments of the day when one can catch his breath and enjoy the moment, but surely a beautiful sunrise or sunset can fill us with warm feelings, memories or just relaxation. 5:30. Turn off the alarm and close my eyes again. I sleep and every step is a little torture. Sometimes the question, “Why am I doing at all?”, But I ignore it. I’ll be able to answer later. My movement is a little pointless, because I have never decided where to shoot. I turn to look at the rocks. As if they were blazing and contrasting strongly with the surrounding greenery. I turn the camera in their direction and start shooting. I always thought they were the most beautiful at sunrise. I begin to regret the people who are currently sleeping and can not enjoy this beauty. But on the other hand, they would not appreciate what they saw. Everyone is too intrigued in their problems to deserve such a view.

Colors begin to fade. Sunshine places warm quickly and a lobster appears. The show ends, and nature seems to drop the curtains and politely asks me to get away. I now have the answer to the question, “Why am I doing anyway?”. I take the apparatus and the tripod and go. After I get home, I’ll release my news and hear where a new war or something has happened. And I will dream again for the moment I see the birth of the day and nothing else will matter.

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  1. It is worth it to wake early to photograph the sunrise. I like the pictures that have such a golden light. Here where I am the ocean is to the west and the thing I tell everyone they should awake early for is see the moon set over the ocean. Around the time of the full moon if it is clear and you go to the beach close to sunrise it is worth seeing the moon set.
    Great pictures, Cheers 🙂

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