Countdown to Super Moon January 31st

Monday, January 29, 2018

  • I was wide awake all night, and I think it is because it is the full moon week. This has happened to me before during a full moon. So, I got up at 4 am, watched an Al Pacino film, Danny Collins, while eating my very early breakfast of a raw vegan pizza slice and Affogato Al Caffe. Then, I decided to work on my graphic novel. I stopped to change into my yoga clothes, and at 10:10 am, I drove off to the Spectrum Center. After I parked my car, something told me to look down because there is a lucky penny for me, and when I looked down, I saw the penny. I decided to pick it up. Then, I suddenly noticed a quarter and nickel nearby. I decided to pick them up, just to see if it will lead on a signs trail. As I walked across the street to the mall, a banner had the words, “Expect the Unexpected,” which popped up in my face, like I was meant to see it for a reason.
  • It was already 91 degrees this morning that it felt like summertime weather. I relaxed in the sauna, even though I didn’t really need to warm up, before going to the room to set up my yoga mat. I glanced at the digital clock right when it was turning to 11:11 am. After one hour of yoga, I was energized and fully awake. I drove back home in summer weather during January. While driving, I noticed the time was 1:11 pm. I decided to snack on veggies and dips—which include bean/corn dip, salsa dip, and avocado dip. I love dips, which also include hummus and eggplant dip. I decided to make a cup of Ghirardelli hot cocoa with mini vegan marshmallows. While drinking it, I realized that this is my favorite hot cocoa brand because its chocolate is so rich. It even tastes good when I use one cup of hot water instead of milk. But, then, I decided to add a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream, which was also good. I decided to work on my graphic novel until 4 pm or 5 pm because I have a hiking meetup at 6 pm.
  • About 22 people went walking around the park by my house. It was a little over 4 miles. Then, we returned to the parking lot where our parked cars were waiting for us, located at the back of a synagogue, and everyone dispersed in different directions. I went home to make a vegan bean burrito and some Turkish coffee.
  • As I get ready to post this blog, I noticed that the time is 12:12 am, early Tuesday morning.
  • Athough I was very focused and balanced in the yoga class, I felt that the day was out of walk and imbalance. For one thing, the weird was very humid and hot for January, although it isn’t really unusual for California weather because Southern Cali is a tropical location. Coincidences and signs kept popping up, but something was throwing me off balance.I couldn’t sleep all night. But at least I used that time to be productive and work on my graphic novel.


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