The Weekend Flu

Sunday, March 25, 2018

After my evening hike, I returned home and worked on retouching my graphic novel. I was wide awake that night, probably because I felt like drinking too much coffee. It made me too productive, in which I ended up working on my graphic novel all night. All of the sudden, I looked up at the slide door to notice a daytime sky. I didn’t even realize I was awake all night. I was so into retouching my artwork that I lost track of time and it was around 6 am. Just as I was getting up to turn off the TV, a movie, One Day that I have seen I haven’t seen in a long time comes on, and I decide to relax on my cushions and watch this sad movie.

On Saturday, I noticed that I had a sore throat. I found two lozenges in the fridge, and I sucked on them to relief the lump. I was also starting to feel drowsy and lightheaded. So, I decided to go to bed early. I stayed I bed until noon, before finally get out of bed. I felt better today, in which I realized I probably had the 24-hour flu. I noticed the time at 12:12 pm when I decided to make a bowl of hot oatmeal cereal. I ate my breakfast while watching some movie because I was mostly trying to get rest and make sure I don’t have the flu anymore. Then, at 2 pm, I decided to go to Trader Joe’s because I was out of food, as well as I needed ginger ale, soup, and Ricola lozenges.

It is 8 pm, Sunday night, and I seem to be doing better now, as I prepare for 4 meetup this week as well as some errands and more retouching.


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