Cape Town to run out of water by April

Many doomsday theorists believe that World War III will be due to a lack of water instead of due to diplomatic and cultural issues because we all need water in order to live. You would never conceive of the idea that this earth would run out of water because of all of the oceans, seas, and rivers throughout the planet.

However, the news out of Cape Town, South Africa is rather troubling. Over the past couple of years, the lack of rainfall has dropped their six reservoirs down to record-low levels. The water level is so low at their dams that they recently gave a 90-day warning before the water levels are down to 10% capacity.  This incident is being called ‘Day Zero.’

The situation is so dire within the town that the people have been forced to ration water. Citizens of Cape Town are resigned to obtaining water at designated water stations throughout the town. Tourism is down throughout the resorts in Cape Town because hotel restrictions are now only allowing for tourists to take two-minute showers.

As of now, the look for alternative resources have not resulted in alleviating the crisis. A desalination plant is in the process of being built, but the plant will not be up and running until the end of this year. Basically, Cape Town is about to run out of water in April.

Imagine a town with 4 million residents running out of water. Imagine all of the chaos that will ensue. The desperation to live will bring the worst out of those who are unprepared. This scenario is unthinkable in this modern age, but we are about to witness an entire town run out of water in about three months.

Sources:  Video is from and CGTN Africa.  Pic is from Pixabay.

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