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Bird of the Day – The Kea – Day 34

Here is the Kea and it lives in the South Island. I have not yet had the chance to go to the South Island of New Zealand but will take the chance when I can to go. 

The Kea is a real character and frequently in the past got into trouble. Now it is an endangered species.

The Kea

The Auckland Zoo tries to put each creature into the environment it lives in. I don't know the exact location where the Kea lives but its high up in the Southern Alps.

Kea from another angle.

The Kea is put inside what looks like a tent of wire. It has an environment that suits the Kea.

Yes, best not to tempt fate!

This bird bites!

Kea Back view

Now the Kea is highly curious and intelligent. Often trampers would drive to the Southern Alps. They seemed talkative and friendly.

However, the Kea soon demolished any metal object on the cars or trucks and would no longer be very popular.

The Kea was very clever in opening the trampers back back and tucking into their food.

Recently a test was done on the Kea and the researchers discovered that the Kea could invent new ways to open containers to get food. They are very smart birds.

Moral here? Never underestimate a bird brain!

Kea on a perch

On a farm the Kea would hop on the back of a Sheep. It would kill the Sheep by biting it and drawing blood and eat it. It would be the middle of winter with snow and the Kea wanted warmth and food.

Farmers hated the Kea and so some of them were shot. No surprises.

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