Bayer should not have bought Monsanto


The title is rather obvious since Bayer’s stock has been cut in half after the pharmaceutical company bought Monsanto.  Currently, there are lawsuits in multiple continents in litigation due to the weed killer made by Monsanto known as Roundup.  Exposure to Roundup has caused cancer in its customers.

However, states and cities are beginning to sue Bayer for things that Monsanto did over forty years ago.  Back in the 1970’s, Monsanto made different paints and sealants with a chemical known as polychlorinated biphenyls or PCB.  Scientists found out that this chemical also caused cancer in its customers.  Instead of eliminating the harmful chemical in an efficient matter, the PCB’s were dumped in various rivers throughout the country.  PCB’s are so toxic that some cities are still cleaning the toxins from waterways all over the nation.

To receive a more thorough summary, please check out the article above from Insurance Journal.  Since Bayer bought Monsanto last year, Bayer will still be responsible for paying the settlements for misdeeds that were done four decades ago by Monsanto.  Let’s just say that Bayer did not do their research before they bought Monsanto.


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  1. Bayer didn’t do their due diligence before buying Monsanto, or they did and thought they could continue to get away with it for another four decades. Either way, they’re gonna pay the price. Any precedent for corporate accountability is fine by me


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