Barley pear for your table

The home of this plant is Mexico, where people consume it for a long time. Because of the delicious fruits and the exotic appearance, opulence has been transported by man far beyond the limits of its natural distribution. Today we can see it gone wild and naturalized in Greece, Spain, Southern Italy, France, and also in India and Australia, where it has spread rapidly and has become a threat to native flora.

The cactus, called opusion, has red berries, which are called prickly pear. Inside, this exotic fruit is dark red, dense and full of small edible seeds. Its taste is sweet and the aroma is fresh, reminiscent of watermelon.

Nutritional value

This fruit has low calories and sodium. A medium-sized prickly pear contains about 40 calories. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber and has proven to help regulate blood sugar levels.

Prior to the appearance of antibiotics and vaccines, this fruit has been used to treat viral infections.

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