Amethyst, stone of the nobility….

Amethyst is a varietal of quartz, purple. It has got its name from a Greek word that in translation means not to drink, because it is believed to be safe from drunkenness. The lacquered color originates from the impurity of iron, and if the warming of the color passes in the yellow. It is located within the volcanic rock, most of it in Brazil, Uruguay and Russia.

Amethyst is a stone bridge between Earth and Heaven, between spirit and soul. It is a purifying stone, which awakens in us the determination to reject old habits that hinder us in spiritual and mental development.

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The amethyst mineral acts against all physical, emotional and mental illnesses. On the chakra of the heart brings love to our lives and alleviates the fear of future and death. It gives us a sense of security in God’s righteousness. Preventively treat mental disorders caused by tension and stress. It is therefore recommended to combat neurosis, hysteria and hallucinations.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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