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Amazon is on fire


Wildfires have ravaged the Amazon this entire year, but the story is just being reported in a major fashion this week.  You would think that Brazil would do whatever they could to try to put the fires out, but the country would gain financially from these fires.  The scorched land would allow for energy companies to extract oil, gas, and other minerals.  

However, Brazil prime minister Jair Bolsonaro continues to allow for the rainforests in Amazon to burn to the ground.  Many people from around the world are now concerned because the rainforests in Amazon creates about 20% of the oxygen in the entire Earth.  Less oxygen means that more carbon dioxide will be in the atmosphere.  That will cause for average temperatures all over the world to increase in the future.


What do you think?


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    • Yes, that tends to be the trend worldwide that government should not interfere with anything. The problem with that thinking is that the purpose of government is to interfere when something goes wrong in the country. The idea of less regulation creates chaos.

  1. Politicians will always be politicians only looking at their country alone and not the rest of the world. The Amazon is not only our of our main oxygen source but also provides some medical elements, has an eclectic wildlife and inhabitants. I hope the rainy season comes early but by then it will be too late… That President should be ousted out…


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