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A walk on a frosty morning

When there is a hard frost the pavements are too slippery to risk when taking the dog for her early morning walk. However, the fields next to our village are no problem, with the frozen grass crunching underfoot. On this occasion I took the camera as well as the dog!


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  1. Okami is a different name for this beautiful border collie. I find those dogs very sociable, very healthy usually but with so much energy that they have a tendency to wear me down. You live in a beautifully surrounded village. I would enjoy living in such an environment. I am also happy to see you back. Yes Virily can be a pain in the neck sometimes because of their server problems mainly and their lax attitude on updating our dashboard. But since I do not really know of any other writing site, I am here to stay as long as possible. I hope the same applies with you.

    • Thanks for your comment. Okami is our son’s dog, and the name was his idea! It is apparently Japanese for wolf, with the original Okami being a woman who turned into a wolf, or possibly the other way round!

      Yes – this part of England can be very attractive, although it is not one that is on the tourist trail. The area used to be devoted to coalmining, and some of the old pit-heaps and opencast pits are being restored to make them more attractive. We are only a few miles from the new National Forest, which has many excellent dog-walking areas!

      As for Virily, I believe in keeping my options open. There are other sites that I use for various purposes, such as posting factual articles, but only Virily allows me to post photos or quizzes, and that is what I shall be concentrating on in future here.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, I haven’t made many contributions lately – I was a bit discouraged by some of the technical difficulties presented by Virily and I therefore gave more attention to other sites that are easier to use. However, I wondered about gaining a few more Virils and decided to do something to bring that about!

      Yes – this bundle of joy is quite a character. She’s actually my son’s dog, but guess who has to do most of the exercising?!

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