A Severe Weather Alert has been issued in your area…

Can’t seem to catch a weather break, if their forecast is correct. It is a beautiful day. Yesterday we reached a record high. The “boys” went out on the boat while I worked. After work I went out for a bit and enjoyed the sunshine and dandelions. Later today my husband planned to get out all the hoses and get ready to work on the yard. This alert just keeps coming that says tomorrow will be very different.  100% chance of snow, they have been wrong before and still I am not wanting the hoses buried under snow.

It seems to me that the science of weather forecasting has a long way to go. At least in our area it is often just plain wrong. I am thinking that my flower bed might look just like  the photo.

Anybody care to guess?

What do you think?

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  1. Last time we had a severe alert for snow, we got snow…about one small flake every 10 square feet and the temperature was 43 so they melted the instant they hit. On the passes, though, they got a couple of inches. That wasn’t much, but it delays the melting of the snowpack for a couple of hours. The river in town is swollen, so the snow melt has begun. I may be able to put in a garden this year earlier than I have for the past three years. That is good, especially since late last year I asked the neighbor for all of his leaves from his poplars and maples. He gave me 4 tons and I’ve been digging them in. Someday, I’m going to own a tiller, God willing. Doing it by hand is tiring.

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