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7 special facts about the rain you did not know

Different moments from one rainy day.

When it’s raining outside, interesting things happen. Here are some examples.The rain may be colorful. Color rain, or so-called “red rain”, is a type of rain that contains a sufficient amount of colored dust visible to the naked eye. In Kerala, India, this phenomenon has been observed on a single occasion, but the big storms were bloody. On the same principle, there is evidence of yellow, green and black rain.

The least rainy spot on the planet is not a desert. Antarctica is a place that may be covered with ice, but rain and snow rains are the smallest of all other places on Earth. Just 165 millimeters a year. In order to have a bench marking base, in some areas of Colombia the quantities reach 11,770 millimeters annually. Rain does not always make the land wet. In some very dry and hot places the rain sometimes evaporates before it reaches the ground. This may be a particularly unpleasant phenomenon for populated areas where water scarcity is a real problem. It happens that people pray for a drop of rain and actually see how it falls from the sky, but it does not reach them.

Not all rain drops are made up of water. At Venus, like other planets and their companions, the rain is not water but sulfuric acid and methane. The rain makes the grass seem greener. The raindrops contain dissolved nitrogen, which comes from the air. It’s kind of a natural fertilizer for plants and makes the grass look green after rainfall.The rain does not smell, we love his scent. In fact, during the rainfall and then we feel the smell of the freshly rusted finger that comes from crashing the rain with the ground. The bacteria, called actinomycetes, live in the soil and leave the feeling of this fragrance.We owe the game “darts” to the rain. Darts is said to have been invented because of the rain, according to the legend, years ago, archers stumbled into a heavy rain during a race, forced to hide in the local pub and began throwing dart darts across the wall.

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