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5 Common Illnesses this Spring to Watch-out for

We are exhilarated when this season arrives, we can hang-out and do outdoor activities not to mention when rainy days strike because we couldn’t predict the weather until we see it. Generally, it would be a great time for us to do certain things outside that we couldn’t do during winter but we have to be cautious and well knowledgeable about these following typical illnesses.

First, common colds and cough among all ages.

The most vulnerable would be pediatrics and geriatrics. To explain it further why they are the most affected clientele is because babies and toddlers have not yet fully developed in terms of immunity for particular diseases. This is the reason why they must have vaccinations. On the other hand, aged people tend to acquire diseases easily for the reason that their immune systems become low so as to cope up with external factors that affect their health. Furthermore, their cells deplete and impaired to regenerate compare to young ones. This could do something as well somehow in adaptation with regards to health issues.

The questions are how we could prevent, treat, and maintain wellness? Normally it can happen to all of us and it is inevitable. What can we do is to face and think about the solution to the specific problem.

Let me explain first how it can be acquired and how contagious it is. This is a viral infection that can be transferred from person to person through droplet such as sneezing, coughing, or by a simple conversation with people who are contaminated with this type of virus. You might wanna know how to prevent it.

Hand washing has vital role for prevention, by doing it soon after you had contact with person who is sick would be beneficial. Eating nutritious food rich in vitamin C and catching sunlight before 10 am which promotes vitamin C absorption should be practiced. You might opt to take vitamin D or eat vitamin D rich food as as well.

Vaccination for children must be prioritized as I mentioned to boost their immunity to whatever illnesses might strike for this season. Ask health professionals what are those vaccinations that a child must receive. To treat in a natural way, adult may take a glass of warm water with lemon, honey, apple cider, and small amount of cinnamon. It could relieve sore throat due to coughing rigorously thus healing the sore.

On the contrary, it’s a BIG NO NO to give it to infants. Why? Because honey contains spores clostridium botulinum bacteria that could be ingested by the infants. These bacteria germinate, multiply, and produce a toxin. Toxin interferes with the normal interaction between the muscles and nerves and can halt infant’s ability to move, eat, and breathe. We have what we called respiratory accessory muscles needed for the chest rise and fall to breathe therefore when the respiratory muscles get intoxicated it can be fatal.

When tried the herbal interventions but still the conditions are worsening, you should consult the doctor for it might not be a viral infection. It could be bacterial which means your viral infection is absolutely cannot be treated with antibiotics. It will just make your body resistant to the antibiotic then when you take an antibacterial drugs your body does not respond to it so you might need extra high strength of dosage when bacterial infection attacks. That’s why you have to consult your physician before taking any form of antibiotics.

Next, would be seasonal allergies.

As this season says itself, spring is the time when trees bloom as it starts to bud until it grows fully. Shrubs and flower plants turn to its growth when pollen shows and that could be the source of allergen. If you experience allergy often times, you’re kinda expect it that you could have it. So you might better to take preventive measures like taking an antihistamine 2 weeks prior to anticipated attack of allergy or before spring time comes.

Asthma is the third in the list.

Similar to seasonal allergy, it can go along when the weather changes. You cannot combat the asthma attacks but you can alleviate the suffering from it. It is triggered by cleaning chemicals, fertilizers, dust, change in temperature, perfumes, pollens, and any other stuff that could irritate a person while breathing. Some asthma patients do have nebulizer kit at home or puff inhaler as prescribed by their respective doctor. These patients have ample knowledge about it because it is part of their daily living.

Fourth, lyme disease.

It is caused by the ticks specifically deer ticks that transmit this kind of disease. Ticks become active when temperature reaches beyond 35 degrees Fahrenheit that would be 1.667 degrees celsius. Be reminded to avoid tall vegetation, people are advised to use tick repellant and must check if ticks stick on you after have been outdoors. You may use tweezers to remove it. If you observe symptoms such as fever or rash for the next few weeks, you could develop lyme disease and better see a doctor for advise.

Last but not the least are sports injuries.


Spring is absolutely a great time for sports but be cautious still if your body is conditioned to do some sports. Warming-up and cooling-down before and after engaging into sports are helping you to adjust your body to a particular hobby or activities you might have interested in like baseball, tennis, lacrosse, and golf for examples. Not doing so could be resulting from mild to severe injuries thus ending up in the emergency room in the hospital at its worst scenario.

Source of info: Sarah Lewis PharmD


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  1. Great work, Sheryl! 🙂 Our allergies that are triggered here in the summer are due to the yucky field corn they plant all around our home. However, our farmer was gracious enough to plant soy here this year instead. Chalk that up to one more thing I’m happy 🙂 about lately lol I love your use of herbal remedy in here <3 Fantastic! 🙂

    • Yeah, me too… love to go out and have some fun, can’t wait. Thanks for reading my article. Already posted on twitter, you can retweet it if you think it’s worth to share. Thanks in advance?

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