Wishes Granted ~ Updates and More

So I am packing up my stuff and going on a wander. I am taking the wishes and updates to the lot where the playground is a lot more peaceful.  You are welcome to come visit and keep caught up on it all.  We still have a lot to do, and we are headed in a good direction. 

I hope that your decisions are sound, your luck is all good, your friends are friends for life and we all learn something new every day. The song is a little religious, but I still think it’s fitting. (I do love music don’t I?)

I wish you nothing but the best and perhaps we will meet again. Life is funny that way. Just when you think you have a plan, life gets complicated.

Stay safe. Be happy. There are so many amazing people here. Remember you are stronger together and keep those comments kind.

It’s been real.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


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    • Well, yes of sorts. This is no longer “my home.” I wandering about trying to see if there is a place that I belong. When I drop by my new theory is “#when in virily do as the vilrilians.” It will be different for me, and things are different here now. It’s all good.

    • I will probably wander through at will and do whatever is the new norm or the old sad things. It’s what is wanted here and when I wander through I will do as the others. I will find a song today. It is Saturday.

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