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What Have I Done?

I have set myself up to fail. My health is shot. No one really knows how to solve the problem or what is causing the problem and I am tired of being poked and prodded. I am now hooked up to a monitor and an iv and I am working.  My brother is home, but I am no help to him, as getting the iv and monitor up and down the stairs is nearly impossible in a timely manner.

I made goals to write and participate a lot to the end. Well, I will do my best with what I have but I am now certain it won’t be full capacity. Check out the picture – that would be me about to fall flat on my face. The good news is that it won’t physically hurt me as I am numb! 

I truly don’t want to do an MRI every day to have them say, hummmm.

The great news is that I signed into Virily and it was here today. Good morning all. click it


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  1. I will keep you among all who I put in my everyday prayers. I hope things will get better for you but meantime, do hang in there and sending you virtual hugs. Even though I usually sound like I have nothing going on healthwise I have been in a battle with my nerves due to a year of anxiety attacks many years ago and they nerves never let up. If my days are normal and predictable no problem but woa to a day that has something upsetting or wrong I practically have to yell at myself to make sure I get my nerves in order. That sometimes is also very difficult to live with so I hope you can find out what is happening to you and once and for all shake it and be able to move on as I move on except for some little bumps along the way.

  2. you have inspired me (let’s go out with a bang)! i am going to fight to the end, with the hopes that by fighting there will be no end!

    Sorry about the health issue. It is hard when medicine looks into their crystal ball and says. wow you have something we’ve never seen!


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