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What Good are You?

It was an interesting way to begin my work day. Someone called with a question that I did not have an answer to. It was  system I don’t have and I am not sure why the call came to me, and I offered another number.

The response was “What good are you?”

Today it went straight to my heart. I “felt” it. 

I replied “You are correct. I have no earthly value.”

There are days when the words we choose really make a difference in someone else’s day. It made me stop and wonder how many times my words hurt someone in that way. I shouldn’t have let it hit my heart. It was a stranger and yet today it did. 

So now some six hours into my work day I still am feeling blue. That is not the person’s fault who said it, that is my fault for not letting it go.  Personal responsibility could truly change the world.

What do you think?

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  1. Well I would now take that with a grain of salt. The same could be said of that person speaking to you.
    However, don’t feel useless if you don’t know everything.
    You would be more helpful if you said I don’t know now but I can find out which you are able to do.

    There is so much to learn in this present world that it is impossible to know everything.

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