Wearing my face mask on public transport.

Since we have to wear face masks on public transport, I got myself this face mask off Ebay with strawberries on it.  I’m not too keen on wearing it, but I know I have to for the safety of others.  As you can see, my glasses are on my head.  This is because when I breath out it steams my glasses up lol.  It’s annoying.  You will also see that some of the seats behind me have yellow tape around them.  This is to encourage the 2 metre social distancing.  They are only allowing so many people on the busses so people keep apart.

Saying that, I do feel sorry for these public transport companies.  They must be losing a whole heap of money with not being able to let more people on.  I can see the fares rising at this rate.  I’m not sure how long this social distancing will go on for.  No one knows, do they?  Life is so uncertain at the moment, and I can understand why a lot of people are struggling at the moment.  On the plus side though, I am beginning to see some very trendy face masks lately lol.  I quite like the one I got.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.  I’d like to see your face masks too!


What do you think?


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