wander project river cruise! (Annapolis MD)

We have boated on Rivers (The Ohio river was our first boating experience), Lakes (Lake Lemon), and on the Chesapeake Bay. (as well as several rivers that feed that Bay). One of the things that we’ve learned over the years of boating is that our twins don’t like boating, our daughter and son-in-law do. I couldn’t tell you the what or why of either. Many years ago, we kept our boat on a small lake in Indiana called Lake Lemon. Before that, we kept our boat on the Ohio River. We don’t have a 50-foot yacht. Our boat is smaller. We have spent a night on our current boat, but there is only room for two people to sleep comfortably. But, boating is only part of what we like to do.

Another activity we like is to let someone else drive the boat and ride along. Several cruises start in what is called the inner harbor of Annapolis, MD. The inner harbor is famous for two things. If you watch the Alex Haley mini-series Roots, the inner harbor of Annapolis, Maryland, is where Kunta Kinte landed. I won’t further than that. The other thing Annapolis is famous for is the US Naval Academy, aptly named Annapolis. Both of these two historical places are within 200 yards of each other. Near what is the called City dock Annapolis MD. City Dock is mostly a collection of pleasure boats that never leave their slips. At least I’ve seen them leave the slips.

We have walked by at night a few times, and those boats are lit up and people on them partying. I’ve never seen one of them moving. On the other end of City Dock, the larger river cruise ships dock. These are not the cruise ships you would find wandering around Chicago. They are smaller but large enough to have a bar. I guess drinking is critical on that part of the Annapolis City Dock.

We cruised up the Severn River, my wife, and I. It was a fun cruise overall, but I have to say we enjoyed cruising the inner harbor of Baltimore a lot more. Images today form preparing for and starting that cruise up the Severn River. We did this in the summer of 2017.


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  1. Having grown up close to ocean I have a natural affiliation with large stretches of water.

    I would sooner warm up towards smaller and kinder traditions than the fancier colder ‘blinging’ systems.
    Unless of course the richer stuff is good people.


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