Wander project Caption Thursday!

“You looking at me?” if the Osprey were more of a gangland Osprey from the 1930s. Not that it was, nor do I think it is, but we have to think out of the box for yes, you guessed it Caption Thursday! I love coming up with captions. It is fun. In the world I work, we have to create action captions for images that aren’t as much fun as creating captions for pictures of people and things! One of the things I used to love when I worked for a newspaper years ago was taking the image I had of the restaurant (I usually would review the restaurant and then they would send the photog to capture a picture). I was never in the movies, but I had to come up with a zippy photo caption.

My mother-in-law used to caption pictures, and I have the scars of her handwriting on the back of photos. I guess my love of captions comes naturally. So, please feel free Caption away! I am running behind today, sadly that started yesterday. I am going to be able to catch up I hop by Saturday. I have a lot of projects I need to do, and I don’t have enough time to get them done.  I am sure everyone has had days like that!

It is funny right now, in July in Maryland we set a record, the most days over 90 degrees in a single month of July. We are over the running year over year average of days over 90. August hit with some cooler temperatures, and now we have one of the wettest months of August in the last few years, and we are not even done with the month yet. Weather is funny overall; Sometimes, I wonder how much of these “never happened” before weather events are climate change and how much of them are simply 100 years of history passing by us. As in sometimes, 100-year storms happen in clusters. 100-year weather events may happen 2 or 3 in ten years and then not again for 300 years. It is not fun when you are in them, Although, the wet August we’ve had so far has left us with much cooler temperatures overall, That has been a good break from the oppressive day after day of 90 plus degrees we had in July (of the 31 days on July 27 were over 90 degrees)!

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