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The Unforgettable King of the Comedy – Series of Famous People 15-01-2018

What do we not know about his life? I was curious to know what was under this smile. I’ve found some facts to share with you.

Melancholy. Louie de Fusion had barely connected both ends. At first he is a pianist in a bar and sometimes plays for 12 hours without interruption. In the 1950s the comedian was very depressed. In more than 40 years, he in vain gives private lessons without becoming known, performs three roles on the evening on stage and no longer believes in his career. Only his second wife, Jean, makes him continue. She has the right: the critics finally noticed it in “Passing through Paris,” alongside Burville and Gabben. His hour has come.

His mother, his mentor. His mother, Leonor, is of Spanish origin and is a real heroine of comedy del arte. Ultimate, powerful, outrageous, she falls into an irresistible rage if she contradicts her, which is forever the little Louis. It was a very funny image, very bright, very funny, the actor later admits. When I was a kid, I recorded everything and borrowed continually from these stories …

Too much grimaces. They were his wealth, but in the end he was tired. Several expressions in sight and eyebrows were enough to give the tone and to impose his style, that of the little, pathetic, who suddenly becomes a inferior bastard when produced in a higher rank. Comic style, becoming his specialty, even if he wanted to be recognized for his much richer play. When he was on the stage, he could not stand anyone watching the famous smiles. Then he closed himself like a clam, at the risk of passing over.

Daniel, the secret child. This is his first son, born by his first wife, Germen Carroy, before the Second World War. In 1942, they divorced, Daniel remains with his mother as his father walks into the theater. Louis sees him from time to time with his new family: sends him tickets for shows, invites him to a restaurant, leads him to the filming of some movies. I have three children, he shamefully tells journalists, but never goes into detail about his personal life.

The Secret Notebook. The comedian never divorces himself with a small notebook he holds in his pocket to observe secretly the flaws of his peers that are the source of inexhaustible scenes. Minor jobs have taught me a lot about employer-employee relationships, he trusts. I have seen many things that serve me today.

Very worrying. A great perfectionist, he wants the scenes to be replicated to perfection, which sometimes creates tension on the set. He likes to be surrounded by people he knows and reassures him, like his famous partner, Claude Jansak (his wife in the series of police films), which he considers to be his “talisman”. On the way out of the movies, he goes incognito in the movie theater with his two sons to watch the audience’s reactions: at the first bursts of laughter, he left himself calm.

Bio. In his house in Clermont, near Nantes, he gives his true passion: gardening. If I had to choose again, I would be a gardener, admits the actor. Everything he grows is bio, without any chemical impurities. Take care of your vegetable garden, which is his pride and feeds the family.

Masha Beranz, the woman in shadow. The big shy person is fascinated by the female voice that leads to France Enter by night, the radio that hears regularly. A gentle relationship is born, filled with chaste encounters and revelations … sometimes in Spanish. It raises her with roses, it calms his worries, the two lush characters flinch in harmony. You remind me of my mother, she tells her one day. And you make me laugh like you. A mysterious relationship that neither has ever spoken to publicly.

“Wing or cunt” under strict control. In 1975, the actor received two infarcts and his doctors forbid him to play. Until the day that producer Cristian Feshner had his offer to shoot “Whip or Cock” with Kolyush. Insurers agree on condition that the actor will be under strict medical supervision: a full health report, a daily review with a cardiologist, and presence of a resuscitation team during filming.

Money, the eternal problem. Louis de Fusion was always afraid of losing everything and returning to the pain of his early career. Undoubtedly, he was marked by the fall of his father, who had vanished as a trader of synthetic emeralds before abandoning his family and going to Venezuela. A failure and everything is over, he often told his two sons. He lived economically, without any excesses, and even had hidden money in the garden of his estate, “that he could never find,” in the words of his friend Michel Galabrew.

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  1. waw.. Thank you very much for this valuable article! I love the character of Louis de Funès. Of course I do not think he missed a movie of his. omg .. as I was having fun and laughing with the gendarmes series. hahahaaa and now i like to laugh. gendarmes and aliens, walking gendarmes, the gendarme and many others. I hope you know that they are called. at least that was how the titles were translated to us. I would never refuse to see a movie by the great actor Louis de Funès. ♥