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Thursday's Reflections – Auckland's Eastern suburbs

Often in life, events take a sudden turn of changes for our lives. As it has for this year for my life, with the sudden need to move, as our old place is being mown down and replaced with apartments.

So too, an unprecedented change of life with Covid 19 and New Zealand is now in Lockdown code 4 for the second week. Never in my life time have I seen anything like this before where no one is allowed to go to a public place or even go away for a holiday.

With changes, comes adjustments, but it gives you another view to life. I see some views of Auckland’s eastern places for the first time on my walks and that has been very good.

Another, I notice about Covid 19, is that the earth is getting a change from the mass traffic congestion of cars morning, lunchtime and at night. That is a good thing, a respite.

New Zealand was one of the first in the world to go straight to code 4 because of our small population, covid 19 would wipe out more people if we did not resort to self isolation straight away. It was a smart decision of our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. One day a cure will be found but in the meantime, best to wipe it out by not spreading it. Sorry that one woman died here in NZ or that anyone in the world died from this virus.

The travel industry in the whole world is hit very hard and that will take a long time to recover.

Even here, those who work and hunt and fish for a living are banned from doing work because if they run into trouble those in search and rescue risk getting covid 19.

We are allowed to go for walks locally, because we have fewer people in New Zealand as long as we stay 2 metres away from anyone else. Even in supermarkets we have masks and glove and stay 2 metres away from anyone else.

I have recycled some old plastic bottles into tulip bulb containers, painted them and put them into the garden. Took a while to do. 

I know some people who live alone and this will hit them the hardest. Some with mental health problems. One can only do their best in the circumstances but what we are able to do with a word by phone..or text or message. 

Change like this is not the easiest but can also bring positive change by giving us another perspective of what is really important to us. 

The thumbnail is 2 paradise ducks down in Mooney’s bridge North reserve creek..


What do you think?


Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. At least you have the right to walk. We do not have access to the sea. In stores, no matter if you wear gloves, there is a person outside who puts on a disinfectant and you put new gloves on yours. Masks are a must, even though I’m alone in the car. The measures are very strict.


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