This is for Your Soul

There will always be times when we face a deep valley or a high mountain and we need a little help to make it. Often times I find it in words from my friends. Sometimes I find it in music. There are times when the only thing that works is tears. 

Today I spoke at a funeral and somehow in the middle, I lost hope. I am not sure if they noticed and still, I felt it go away.  I need to find it again, whatever it takes.

#1 Lauren Daigle – O’ Lord

Who needs this message today? If you know someone who does, please share it. 

  1. Ah, Lauren Daigle, what can I say, a friend wrote this about this particular song sang by Lauren,
    “I’m really having a hard time in life right now. My fiance and I broke up, I just lost my job. Housing and food came with the job. The worst part is it was a church ministry job and I just felt like giving up on the idea of the whole ministry and just going back to construction. I was feeling so overwhelmed and so very tired. I was just driving along and this song started playing so I listened more deeply to it as I sank inside driving. Then tears were flowing as I listen to it, it reminded me of God’s past faithfulness and kindness to me when it seemed my life was over. Anyway, Lauren, I really love your voice and this song.” He wrote. So, back to me, Lauren, is just such a pure soul and her voice brings rest to the troubled souls of the world, mine you for sharing it here.


#2 Lauren Daigle – Still Rolling Stones (Audio)

I don't know if it's right or wrong. I do know that it gives me hope and helps the tears to slow. 

#3 Lauren Daigle – How Great Thou Art (Acoustic)

In my lifetime I thought 911, the death of my grandad, the death of my Mom, the death of my brother-in-law, the death of my father would be the hardest things I would ever experience. But today, with all the illness it is the perfect storm. It's all here, fresh and devastating. It's like it all just happened again.


What do you think?


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