Things that make you go hmmm….

️?Seriously, there are just somethings I don’t get. I try. I ask questions. I send email. I use snail mail and still hmmm. It’s not just here in Virily. It’s everywhere. Sometimes it makes my whole life feel like a

Hmmm ~ What does trending mean here? It hasn’t changed in 25 days?

Hmmm ~ What’s so tough about copy and paste? Does she really believe she worked hard?

Hmmm ~ Why does weather make his whole body swell up?

Hmmm~ Why do people in the same room text each other?

Hmmm~ Does Arkansas really want or need a Clinton in office?

Hmmm~ Is the only reason to be a politician power and money?

Hmmm~ Do other people have random questions run through their mind?

Hmmm~ Am I just click bait?

Hmmm~ Why would anyone ice fish?

Things that make me go hmmm.



What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. lol, good ones. The trending page needs revamped for sure, It is one of the suggestions in the suggestion box on Normans Virily page. Go click on it!! lol Not sure if you joined yet or not. They have a long list of suggestions and they are going through them one by one and fixing everything we list, and ice fishing is too cold!!

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