The Visiting Bunny

Yesterday Ray and I took Stacy back home from her home visit when I spotted a bunny in the front yard. I inched as close as I could get. Each photo as you can see I got a little closer. I was surprised the bunny let me get that close. The closest shot was not zoomed, so I feel I got surprisingly close to it.

Such a cute little creature don’t you think?


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


  1. Great pictures of a cutie pie of a bunny. We also have three to sometimes four bunnies romping and playing around in our back yard but unfortunately, whenever I get my cellphone to catch it on film or video, they become camera shy and run away. We also have had a male and female ducks visiting us the last three years along with their ducklings. I have not seen them though this year, so far. I hope they are OK. Of course we have skunks, raccoons, the occasional dear and the rare foxes. But thank God, no bears or moose or any other big wildlife.