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The Daily Life of a Student in China

Education is the best investment of the parents to have for their children. It is a tool for their children to chase their respective dreams in life. Without this, it will be difficult for them to find a better or desired job. It wasn’t easy but parents tried to their best to provide this basic need. There will be an argument that education is not important for some because they believed that some icons never obtained a degree from prestige universities.

In China, most students are complaining about their educational system. They are experiencing tremendous pressure from their school and high expectations to their child. The students are studying more than the allotted time at night and being enrolled in different academic tutorial schools. You can also add up some enhancement of their skills in playing musical instruments. They work more than 8 hours regular of their parents on a daily basis.

A Never Ending Homework

The root cause of students’ complaint is having a lot of homework every day. It seems that can never stop doing something on a daily basis. Even if they had finished their school homework, their parents will give them more activities to do. Imagine the overloaded homework and study the daily lessons at school.


Extracurricular Activities

Despite studying at school and homework, the parents continued to enroll their child in academic tutorial school. Most of these lessons are studying the English language and cannot be denied that this is their weakness. They need to acquire this soft skill to be competitive in the near future. That includes learning to play musical instruments that normally done in summer vacation.


Homework on Holidays

This is also the weirdest thing to handle. Some Chinese students cannot enjoy their holidays because they still have homework to do. Basically, they take with them their list of homework while on travel or vacation. “How can they enjoy childhood years with so many things to deal with?”


Studying on Weekends at School

During weekdays, they need to do all the school’s homework and extracurricular activities. They still need to go to school on weekends. Most Chinese high school senior students need to study at school on weekends for the preparation of national examination.


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