Most Chinese Children Are Lucky: Why?

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Most children in China are so lucky since they are the product of one-child policy. It means that most families have only one child. The parents’ attention is to focus more on what’s the best for their child. Despite the control of the population in this state, it cannot be denied that sky rises the volume of the local people. If we are going to think it over, the high population of China is because of the land area of the country. It cannot also be denied that they were claiming expansion of their territory to nearby countries. That’s the big issue arises and still on the ground of disagreement and a never-ending debate about it.

Recently, the Chinese government had imposed a new policy to uplift the one-child to a two-child policy. It wasn’t because of the high population is being concerned too. The reason is the increasing population of elderly over the young generation. They need to keep it up for the decrease population of the young ones. They need to maintain the manpower for the young generations to uphold its strength of the state.

For the sake of children, luckiness can be put into giving all the best for them by their parents. Education is quite expensive in China. That’s the best investment for the parents to endure and work hard. The children are under great pressure to study hard and extreme homework is being given at school on a daily basis and the extra-curricular tutorial outside school curriculum. It proves that they need to cope up with the changes in the world. We can’t brush off the fact that they are trying to achieve their ultimate goal in being the most powerful country around the globe. At this point in time, most of these kids are learning the English language. They wanted to be the world-class country and be the best for everything.

We can never tell the future. Who knows? If they become the most powerful country, we are starting to learn their native tongue. It is too early to predict. For now, this transition will take a lot of time to achieve it. This situation is not also happened in China.


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