The Crazy Silly Laws of Texas

It has been a while since we’ve looked at any of the silly state laws from around the US, so let’s look at some of the crazy ones in the great state of Texas. To be honest, not all of these are silly, but many of them are.

* In Texas, it is against the law to sell your eye or other organs. I don’t even want to know how this law came into being. It sounds rather gross.

* Owning more than six dildos is illegal in Texas and a person with more than that can be charged with a felony. I’m not sure how they would know how many a person has, if any, but it is still against the law.

* Dallas, Texas, takes it a step further. In Dallas, it is against the law to possess a realistic dildo.

* I’ve mentioned this one before, but it makes so little sense that it is worth mentioning it again. In Texas, if two trains meet at a railroad crossing, by law, they must both come to a complete stop (that part makes sense, but…) and neither train can proceed until the other has passed. This one is hard to figure out because it makes absolutely no sense.

* In Texas, in order for anyone to hold a public office, they must first, by law, acknowledge a supreme being (God). I rather like this law, though it is actually a violation of the constitution.

* In Texas, it is against the law to take any more than three sips of beer while standing up. I have no idea what the reasoning is behind this one, nor why the number three was chosen.

* In Texas, it is illegal to milk someone else’s cow. You can only milk your own. I can’t help but wonder if there was a big problem at one time regarding people going around and milking other people’s cows.

* In Texas, all volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica are banned. The reason is that it contains the formula for making homemade beer at home. Like this is difficult to do and a person can’t get the step by step instructions online?

* In Texas, homosexual behavior is illegal.

* In Austin, Texas, it is illegal to carry wire cutters in your pocket. Mind you, it isn’t illegal to use them, you just can’t put them in your pocket.

* In Clarendon, Texas, it is against the law to use a feather duster to dust any public building. I can only understand this one if the bird was still attached.

* In El Paso, Texas, it is against the law to pee in the streets. I can understand the law, but there are most likely lewdity laws in place there, too. However, I can visualize someone merely stepping into someone’s yard and doing their business when they need to go, so the law is silly.

* In Houston, Texas, it is illegal to sell Limburger cheese on Sunday. Any other day is fine, just not on Sunday. For that matter, there is no prohibition against eating it on Sunday, it just can’t be sold then.

There you go, some of the silly laws in Texas. The Lonestar state has them, too, and I haven’t encluded all of them.


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. The problem with us is that we have a little less stupid laws than the state of Texas, but the problem is that they are not being implemented.
    And even when applications know they are selective, it depends on the reputation and power of the man who broke the law.

    • Every time I think of that one, I’m baffled. I’m as much baffled by the law as I am with who wrote it and what drugs they must have been on at the time. I suppose that either train could back up since the law says that they can’t proceed, but that doesn’t make sense, either as neither train could pass the other, even if they backed up.

      • I suspect the intent of the law (until the congestion is noted and cleared by the control system) and the impact of the way it was written got in the way. One of the things I’ve noted, in working with the legislature a lot over the past few years, is that they often don’t know. In not knowing they write things that well, aren’t right. Its why NIST started writing congressional position papers.

  2. Wow I almost burst off laughing out loud while reading these laws. Some of them must be very old like the one forbidding to milk another person’s cow. I can see that law being passed when Texas was just being colonized and formed. The dildo law has to be a fairly recent one but why the number six. Anyway thank you for making my day Rex.


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