The Caravan


Yes, I am concerned about the caravan of people heading for the boarder of the United States. I do know know their intention. I don’t know their character.

According to Tom Fitten members of ISIS have found a home in Guatemala. This would not surprise me. They firmly believe in their cause and the greatest reward is it kill and become a martyr and receive a great reward in Heaven. They want to die and take as many of us with them as the can. So if ISIS is in this group, we should be worried.

I want a real boarder. I don’t want migrants to be able to enter my country just because they want a better life. I want a better life and that is in my hands. There are legal ways for them to apply. It’s not easy. It should not be easy.

I am so frustrated that there seems to be no middle ground for anyone.


What do you think?


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  1. Such audacity my neighbors tell me what to do with my property, money, fruit trees and fencing I worked hard for– to dictate to me they should just barge in and camp on my land and pick from my orchard unlawfully. I’ll call the police and military to kick these trespassers out. They have no right. I have compassion in my own terms and good judgment.

  2. If my late mother were alive today, she would tell these migrants “What part of you are not allowed here you do not understand?” By the way my late parents were natives of Panama (Ma) and Costa Rica (Pa). Don’t get me wrong, many of people I dealt with in Metairie were immigrants from Central America who came here legally. I am concerned that this a repeat of the Cuban Flotilla in 1980 when the late Fidel Castro sent many criminals to the U S to sock it to us.

  3. Interesting point. It would take time to sort out the genuine people from those in ISIS.
    No one should live in fear.
    However, some aid needs to go to that country but isn’t their poverty the symptom of a larger problem? I don’t live in America.
    I hope a solution will come to help all.
    ISIS is evil.

    • When things are bad in my home I look in my home to solve the problem. I am sure there are people here who live in terrible places and fear for their life. “Should” we help all people maybe, do we have the means to help all these people and their country of origin no, we can’t eve get healthcare.

      • Yes, I believe healthcare is very expensive in the USA and I think its really wrong. Governments have their priorities wrong.
        Mind you, in most cases the healthcare has been the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.
        For New Zealanders who aren’t rich its free but the nurses are stretched and the medical team.
        Our Doctor visits are not free neither is the prescription. its life.
        You cant help anyone else unless you help yourself and family first.

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