Stupid – 9

Brian never looked forward to Monday as much in his life. He was at work extra early, searching for Ashley. There she was, talking happily with others, and he came to her.

“Hi Ashley…”

“Hi yourself…” she tossed, returning to her friends.

“We need to talk…”

She laughed;

“No we don’t. Everything was said.”

“No it wasn’t.” Brian said seriously.

“Well, I heard and saw and lived everything I need to, in relation to you.”  Ashley said rather pointedly.

“Ashley, I really care about you,”  he almost whined.

“I’ll bet,” she chuckled, and went her way.

He spent the day trying to get near her, trying to talk to her, but failed. He lurked after work to see her, but she came out with Winston and Bobby, and they were talking about a football match.

He called to her, she waved and kept walking with them.

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Written by jaylar

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