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Strange Poveglia Island

Some people consider Poveglia Island to be the most haunted place in the world. It is located in the South Lagoon between the Italian cities of Venice and Lido. When people had to flee invaders on the mainland the island became inhabited in 421. During the time of the Bubonic Plague hit Venice the inhabitants of the island had abandoned it.

Therefore Poveglia Island was the place to quarantine the dead and the dying of the Bubonic Plague. Many of the dead were burned upon giant pyres on the island, When once again tragedy struck and the Black Death dominated more Venetian’s residents were sent to Poveglai Island.

Things on the island got stranger when in the late 1800s it became an asylum for the mentally ill. Supposedly one of the doctors began performing unusual experiments on the patients in the 1930s. Unfortunately for the doctor these experiments did not give him peace of mind and he jumped to his death from the bell tower. Afterward, the old hospital became a nursing home that shut down in 1975.

Since then Poveglia Island has been abandoned except for restless spirits. People say that even though the bell from the tower was removed several decades ago they can still hear it chiming.


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