State of emergency in Newfoundland, Canada

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On Friday the 17th of January 2020, a state of emergency was declared in the city of St-Johns, Newfoundland, Canada as an unprecedented winter storm/blizzard was dumping loads of snow along with winds gusting at some 170 km per hour. Up till today, Wednesday the 22nd, there has been some 6 to 9 feet of snow (2-3 meters) that fell on St John and neighbouring cities in just 24 hours to 48 hours on top of the 75 feet (23 meters) already on the ground. 

As you can seen from the picture above which was taken in 1998 compared to today, some houses are surrounded by snow and people cannot get out. The state of emergency compelled and forced people to stay inside (with an added fine of 1000 CDN $) while only essentiel services were allowed on the roads. Businesses were closed and are just starting to reopen. But even then some Newfoundland residents could not get out of their houses as their doors when opened simply showed a bank of snow in front of the nose of the resident. 

Finally on Tuesday the 21st, the Canadian army came in to help shovel the snow mostly by hand to simply help people get out of their houses. Some businesses such as pharmacies, food outlet stores and a few corner stores are just now reopening their doors with long line ups waiting to come in and replenish their supplies. Some persons also are apparently having problems just finding their cars who are literally buried under snow. 

There were power outages of course which are being attended to. Even St Johns Hospital was running on a generator after losing its power but this state did not stop the birth of a new baby whose last name is aptly called Snow. Here is the picture below.

Now below are some of the pictures that I found on the web about this record breaking blizzard/snow fall of Newfoundland.

This is just an example of the extreme weather challenges that we are facing today as no Newfoundland residents, old and new, ever remember such a huge snowfall in just over 24 hours that fell on their island. Such is Canada and the new weather and catastrophe that it brings along. 

Added note: I wrote this post and sent it for approval on the 22nd of January but as of the 26th was still not approved. Since then, there has been one casualty during this extreme snow storm. One man, 26 years old was found dead as he was apparently walking to a friend’s house during the snow storm. Also the state of emergency was lifted on Saturday the 25th of January although cleanup efforts are ongoing still. 


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    • I realize climate change is the cause and it is wreaking havoc across the globe from floods to severe heat or snow etc. The whole world will have to get together in order to rectify the causes of climate change. Thanks for your visit and comment and up vote.

    • I agree Mother Nature is avenging herself for everything we have poured and shoveled and burned etc into her. We are used to large amount of snow here but that much I do not remember. But the people and life are still going on despite all this snow….

    • Oh yes Mother Nature is on a rampage lately brought on by us in the long run… Newfoundland is not out of the woods yet as they are predicting another huge snow fall this coming week. So the shovels have to stay near by. Thanks for your visit and comment and up vote.

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