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Slogging Accountability

Slogging is new to me, as is most of what is currently going on in my life. Today my goal is to report on my Virily slogging! It’s my accountability for today. I am hoping it will make me have a lighter tone and a better day. Doc gave me a great visual for slogging in my head and that alone brought my first smile. You really should ask him about it.

It’s been a stressful week so I was hoping today would be relaxing. It really hasn’t been. I decide being accountable in Virily might get me back on track.

So today I comment on all the latest post Doc,IIena, Carol DM, Ellie, Jaylar, Kim, Lacho59 and RasmaSandra. I went back and added some to other posts to try and get a deeper conversation.I share 40 virily posts on social media sites. 

Not a whole lot, but I got a few things done.


What do you think?

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