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Sky Sunday – Taken from Westhaven, Central Auckland

Welcome to Auckland, city of sails, but I will also say sometimes power boats.

I begin today with three photos from Westhaven Marina. It is a very large Marina and the biggest in New Zealand. Here are many yachts that are berthed, which are expensive to maintain, as the berthing fees are not cheap either.

The Thumbnail is Auckland harbour bridge. Building began in 1954 and finished in 1959. They used to have toll booths on the North Shore, and now it is no longer tolled. Since then a few clip ons were added to the harbour bridge as the traffic increased. It is now increasing and roads are slow at rush hour and it can be more than 2 hours from North Shore to central Auckland. 

In the future there are supposed to be a walk way added for people walking and for bikes (not motorbikes)

However, enjoy the other photos!

#1 Yacht with Mt Victoria behind

Mt Victoria is over on the North Shore. 

#2 Westhaven Marina

This is only one part of it. 

#3 Standing at the end of a part of Westhaven looking across to old oil silos

Taken on a different day, but sometimes Kayaks or paddle boarders go past. 

#4 Power boat entering Marina

My Dad had a power boat but not as flash as this one. He never parked it in a Marina, he took it to a beach with a boat ramp and took it out to go fishing. 

Our fishing trips were for food on the table, they weren't for fun although sometimes it was fun. The boat was parked at home and pulled by car and trailer.

This is entering the Marina. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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