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How To Select The Best Article Topics To Write About.

I found this nameless article in my Wordpad file and decided to try it out. As I progressed, it was making more and more sense as I move along…

Just a small tip, don’t rush through it.

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The author suggests one answers the questions below about oneself as thoroughly as possible to discover the best-suited topic for to you to write about:

1. Who are you?

This seems so simple to be of any real use, but if you do it right, the results will astound you. The instant you start seeing your real personal demographics laid bare, by your finest personal interviewer, you, possibly for the first time ever, can provide absolute clear insight into what exact topics you are the best-qualified authority to write about it.

Here is what you need to write down about yourself:

* Your name, gender, and age.

* Whether you are living in a house or apartment? A suburb or a city?

* An old neighborhood or a new one? What part of the country?

* Now, the rest: Are you blue collar, ( working-class people who perform skilled or unskilled manual labor.) or white collar, (workers typically performing professional, managerial, or administrative work in an office.)

* Religious or not? Any other identifying statistics about you that you can think of?

* What jobs have you done?

2.  You must draw up a list of every single job you’ve ever held.

Leave space between them, then go back and add more intricate details about your job duties. Be creative and embellish the titles for what you did.

For example: if you once worked at the railroad as a train driver, you should call yourself a Locomotive Engineer, a Food Service Technician instead of a burger flipper, or perhaps you were a janitor at one time, which sounds a whole lot like a Sanitation Facilitator.

I know it sounds over-the-top and maybe even a bit extreme, It did to me! But at the same time, it can be liberating since no one will ever be seeing this document but you. I’m sharing this just to help lift your self-confidence to the level it rightfully belongs.

3. What else have you done?

You need to brainstorm any hobbies you have been into and what about the groups you’ve joined, even include topics you researched for school or work, or any subject you might have taken a personal interest in and had acted on.

4. Where do you like to go?

Are you more likely to spend time at the mall or the park? Do you hang out close to home or do you travel a lot? Where have you gone on vacations, and where would you like to go?

5. Who do you hang out with?

Your circle of friends can say a lot about you and the way you relate to them. Are your friends the same gender as you, or are they comprised of both sexes.?

Are they younger, the same age or older? Where do they live and work? Think about the activities you and your friends enjoy most.

You should even include online friends – people you might have met in groups, chat rooms, or forums with whom you regularly interact.

Do you share any common interests with your friends? All of the above factors can help point you toward topics you’ll be most comfortable to write about. I hope this helps you find and see the same great person everyone else sees in you.


What do you think?

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  1. Who you are defines you, your thoughts and should define your writing.
    An other very important factor is, why is someone writing?
    Is it to promote themselves, is it to promote a product or a service?
    Is it for self expression? Is it for purely selfish reasons?

    One thing to pay attention to is .. Anything you write online, may stay for ever written and possibly be retrieved. So, always think twice before publishing 🙂

    Thank you for this nice article Andre

    • Hello Katerina, A refreshing perspective, and I concur and feel that all the motives you mention are reasons people use for writing. Of course, this begs a question, is all of what you describe, not equally relevant in all areas of promotional, marketing and entertainment fields? What motive lies behind the motivational speaker, could vanity and vaunting of self, perhaps be an underlying reason. What of singers and actors? Are their motives always objective? Very thought-provoking comment indeed. I wonder how other writers feel about this?

      • Thank you for replying Andre,
        I actually would have rephrased my comment if I would follow my own advice 🙂
        There some difference between the different kind of writing.
        There are authors
        There are writers
        There are bloggers
        There are wannabe bloggers
        I can only speak for myself, coming out expressing myself in written after many years in only executive positions.
        My dream? To make this part of my income, in a few different ways.
        Motivation is great, it needs to exist as it can only move you forward.
        Thank you again for reading and replying to my comment

        • You are most welcome Katerina, still on the positive side, regarding Virily as a writing platform, it is well worth the effort of putting in the added research, since as far as I can tell, Virily’s are still earned even when someone reads our older posts.