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Sambuci flos

The Hypocrite for this medicinal plant was saying that it could replace all medicines. Of course, today we know it is not correct. Zova on Serbian or  Lat.Sambucus nigra, grows like a deciduous tree, loves damp lands beside the river, the channel loves the loose sandy soil. It rises in height up to ten meters. You can see in the pictures in the yard of the yard and near my house.

So, Zova  is useful is a flower that is used for tea. In the autumn when berries ripen, the bite is cooked from them. It is also useful from the bark of the call. It is collected from early spring to late autumn. Zova has a laxative agent and here is used honey and bark, tea from dry flowers called mucus in the winter months in colds, because they help more sweating. Especially suitable is the blend of Flower Lips and-Tiliae flos Lat, with the addition of honey.

Two lips or Lat, tilia platyphyllos in front of my house.

The flowers are called ethereal oils in which,tannin and pectin are found. Tea is used in inflammation of sinuses, pancreas, asthma, severe breathing and rheumatic diseases. In combination with lip besides diuretic properties, tea is good for lowering body temperature.In combination with Kantarion Serb or Hypericum perforatum lat. It is used against influenza type A I B and against herpes.

Preparation of tea from the call- Pour with 259 ml of boiled hot water 2 tablespoons of jam called and coat. Soak for 10-15 minutes with honey and then soak in the bed. How to prepare syrup or juice from a call. In a large pot dissolve 2 liters of sugar 1 sprat on a spout 2 liters of water. Take off spores and add 3 liters of cold water. Then in the pot sink 40 large flowers called. Please note that the flowers are clean because they are often attacked by plant villages. Add two well-grounded and lemon-pruned flakes. Cover and let it stand for 24 hours in the dark place. The next day, process everything and spill into flasks. The syrup is diluted with water. The shelf life is 7 days. Keep in the refrigerator. In the end, let’s repeat that the call is one more useful medicinal plant. It is necessary to use it where the soil is not contaminated and where there is no big car.

Flower Zova. on tea drying.


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