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Sakhalin Island, RUSSIA

Sakhalin Island, RUSSIA Sakhalin Island, also written Sachalin, Russian Ostrov Sakhalin, Japanese Karafuto, island in the far eastern end of Russia and north of Japan and has a rich culture that intersects the Japanese, Korean and Russian civilization. Sakhalin Island is known as the “island on the edge of the world.” Located between the Tatar Strait and the Sea of Okhotsk, north odJapanese island of Hokkaido. The Kuril islands forming Sakhalin Oblast. El Dorado for today’s business connections and ‘hell’ Anton Chekhov 1890 (thousands and thousands of prisoners who were brought here in the late 19th century), the island of Sakhalin is defined by its noisy center for oil and gas, Yuzhno -Sakhalinsk. Russian-Japanese war of 1905, half of the island of Sakhalin will go to Japan, while the other half remains in the possession of Russia. After the Second World War,


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