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Sad State of Affairs!

When Doc says something you should simply take it as a fact and make the adjustments. I really do believe that if I take the time to make a comment on someone’s post the kind thing to do would be return the favor. Doc has reminded me that it doesn’t work that way and it’s not designed to work that way. You comment on the things that interest you and where you can add value. Still I am stubborn.  I make certain every day that I write 150 comments on the posts of others. (Yes, there is that greedy hope that it might increase the comments left on my post.) 

All that does is allows me an excuse to feel unloved and unappreciated and I have no one to blame but myself. Self sabotage is one of the worste things you can do to yourself and I excel at it!  (If anyone has the goal of shooting themselves in the foot, I have a list (yes a real list) of 500 ways I sabotaged myself.

I don’t know why this song came to mind. It’s going to be a strange night.


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  1. well as you know, the moderators only look into comments when they are either A reported, or b they are against the comment standard (using foul language).

    i love your posts. I try to comment as often as I can. 150 is a bold ambition! But you bring so much to our community!

    Thank you for what you give!

  2. Over a period of time I have become wiser not to get affected by people’s attitudes and behaviours. I have been blessed with judging people correctly and I keep away those that hurt me at a safe distance.

    This thing about interaction at sites here again I just do what is right, without breaking rules and that is how it should be. Having said that I have noticed some users gaming the system by adding meaningless comments – so called interaction – which earns for them.

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