Poetry: Tao. When is the Tao the tao, or not the Tao?

Be the tao in the Tao, not the Tao in the tao.

The hidden hides nothing but itself in itself.

The created is alive only to itself in itself.

The hidden and the created create each other.

The Tao is never incompletely complete.

Thanking itself always, without thanks.

The Tao actions through non-action,

and is cold when it is hot, when it is not.

Judge not the Tao, to be judged not by it.

Learn the Tao, and learn nothing new.

The Tao is small, as small as you.

But contains great truths, in small amounts.

Greater than dying to living.

From the Tao, live to survive.

Go forth with nothing, as something.

To find everything in nothing, as nothing.

Tao is to Tao, as friend is to friend.

Lend me an ear, to find in Tao a tear.

Not from itself, only from you.

A tear in the Tao, is a tear, in truth, in you.

When is the Tao the Tao?

When is the Tao not the Tao?

The Tao is the Tao when you are the Tao.

The Tao is the Tao when you are not the Tao.

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Is the Tao always the Tao, or can something make the Tao the Tao?

Can we not be a part of the Tao, or is it always a part of us, whether we know it, or not?

Can the Tao be turned off, or on?


What do you think?


Written by The Dunce

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