Poetry: Life was born to love, and to be loved, not bound up by a mind

The hedgehog pricked up its ears.

The fish around looked up to the sky.

The chooks in backyards started scratching.

People panicked for no reason but their own.

The crows flew fast through the air.

The ants crawled around their prey.

The butterfly’s danced on the flowers,

but man pranced not on his dance.

Love is always fully alive in all creation.

Every part being itself as itself in itself.

Only man dances past himself to prance.

His love is lanced by his mind in a bind.

Never crush the preciousness of love out from your life. 

Love life gently, not forcefully.

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Written by The Dunce


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  1. Never crush the gentleness of love from your life…

    that one is a huge wall. Climbing that wall what we see on the other side, is it what we sought? Love is the quiet of an evening spent reading. It is the noise of children happy on special days. It is the sound of one hand clapping.

    I would be curious about how someone could crush the very nature of love…

    • How does someone like me crush the love out of myself?

      Am I afraid to love, and afraid of other’s reactions to my loving?

      Love loves best when it is in a heart of willingness, but when a mind is attached, it often crushes this willingness mostly away, if we are afraid of the reactions to our loving, both from ourselves, and from others around us too.

      The nature of love is in me.

      I feel its soft gentleness at all times, mostly sadly though, because I do not have the strength of conviction to love openly, actively, in my real life, so for all intents and purposes, love, its very nature is being crushed away in me constantly.

      That is how love, its very nature, is crushed in me; I do not know if it is crushed in the same way, in other people

      • But then are you truly crushing love? you may be pushing love into small boxes, but when it is ready it will burst forth. Not crushed just compressed for a time. We know from science that you can remove the distance between atoms in the physical world without impact. But the other side is given equal energy, the atoms return to their original state.

        • You have made a good case there.

          Yes, perhaps we cannot crush love then at all. Perhaps love will pop up/burst forth in our lives in some other unexpected area.

          Can love be crushed by anything, or is it more just pushed aside, or away, by our greed, ego, or desires?

          I guess that I agree with you there.

          Love is love, and it, like energy, cannot be destroyed, so it is always a part of us, but we can try to isolate ourselves away from love, by imprisoning our self in our mind, and so, yes, this might seem like that our powerful mind has squashed/crushed love out of our life, but like you said, love will spring up somewhere else, because God allows love to always find a way to live alive in us, in one way, or another.

          • you have provided an interesting visual to chew on. Does, the human mind supersede the love of the universe. That is possible in our own reality that we could do that.

            Now I have to think about this.

          • I think that the mind cannot totally do this, as love is more powerful and continually tries to get past the mind, seeping in when it can, where it can, to the person’s life, and yet it is a constant battle for people like me, because my mind, noticing the seepage in, sometimes reinforces its barriers then more too.


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