Paving For Pizza is a good idea for Corporate America to try

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The interesting idea that Domino’s Pizza is starting by working with city officials around America will be win win situation for both the pizza company and the customers who have to deal with the major headache of having their autos hit a pothole and damage their meal that they picked up at a Domino’s Pizza store.

The project that Domino’s Pizza is doing to work with cities around America to fix up the potholes is called “Paving For Pizza” which started recently.

The number one headache for both the customers and deliver drivers for work a living is having to drive on streets that have potholes in them since the bill for car repairs is out of this world.

The way Paving For Pizza works is that a customer who is in any town in America who has potholes on their streets can contact Domino’s Pizza on their website and give out their zip code so Domino’s Pizza will contact city officials to see if they can work together to repair the pot holes on their streets.

It is nice to see Corporate America show that they care for the people that pay their salaries.


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