Part of a Tribe

There really is strength in numbers, when people work together for a common cause.  That is what being a part of a tribe, a team, a family is all about. Where can we find people with like minds and goals? It’s not too extremely hard. You probably have some people here who you enjoy working with, reading and commenting. It is great when you can learn from each other and avoid making the same mistakes others have made.

Perhaps life is more about making connections and finding things we have in common rather than fighting about the things we don’t agree with. So maybe someone will be happy to learn and work together. Stranger things have happened.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. It is one of Life’s truths that whatever one person does alone is magnified, I want to say potentiated, when done together with at least one other. This works for us most of the time, but as Indexer darkly hints above, it can also be used destructively. So in that sense, some diversity is always good in a group.

  2. Being part of a greater whole is fine, but I am not sure that “tribalism” is really such a good thing. This is when you subsume your own personality into that of the tribe and go along with what the tribe does, even though you know that the action in question is wrong. Patriotism may sound all right in theory, but it is the root cause of many wars down the centuries. I would prefer people to think for themselves rather jump on bandwagons.

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