Oops!…Virily Did It Again? (Official Video)


Dear Virily,

Oh my goodness, there are some things that either were changed and we were not informed or this site has many glitches that need to be fixed. Either way we are counting on you to keep us informed and updated.  No response is never helpful. So I thought that if we did it in a format that everyone could see you might be able to answer the questions once, instead of over and over in chat.

1. Are you aware that some writers get referral views and others do not?

2. Authors used to have no limit on the number of views daily on posts. Now that has changed for at least some writers. It would appear that we can see the view, but no V is given to the author. Is this a change or  a glitch?

3. Guest views are another mystery. Some can see the number of views go up and no guest views. Many people put their posts on social media and get comments about the posts, but no v’s show up.  The information on the site say 500 per day is that correct?

4. When does the 24 hours begin and end?

5. Are people actively working on glitches? Are emails ever responded to?


What do you think?

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  1. Hello TrennaSue, WOW your headline and video really got my attention! Fantastico. Things are clearly amis somewhere at HQ. As for the guest views, I get a whole bunch of them listed in black on the righthand side of the page. Natalie and Branka answer my queries faster than before. Regards, Andre’

  2. Hope you can get some answers to your questions. I notice guest views show up for me in notifications. I am not sure if this all works like a well oiled machine so hope you can get to the bottom of this. I am still fairly new and just getting used to things here.

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