One Way Love – Part 7

Imagine standing on a veranda of a beautiful hotel, looking out at the sea.  And emerging is the man you have been in love with all your life. He is handsomer and more built now than he was then.  He is wearing cut off jeans, and looking unbelievably magnificent.

He is walking towards you.  Your heart pounds, you feel you will faint.  Every second of his approach is gasp worthy.

Beside you is the most obnoxious person you have ever met. She works for the same company, different department. You are ignoring her.

You watch your beloved approach, you smile, but he doesn’t return the smile as he gets closer and closer…

and then when he is inches away, you realise he doesn’t see you. He is looking at the woman beside you. He sees only her. He was not coming towards you, he was coming to her.

He kisses her, then leaps over the balustrade and the obnoxious woman next to you, the one he kissed, invites you to join them for a meal.

It took every ounce of self control not to fling myself to the ground, not to howl like a dog, not to run into the sea and drown myself.

And I joined them at the table.


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Written by jaylar

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