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Oh the Decisions!

I have been asked to do a rather large project in a short amount of time. I know the project is very important to the person who is asking me to do it. I know the timing doesn’t feel perfect right now, but nothing in my life is perfect right now. I know she can’t do it herself and it’s very important to her.

I thought it was fair to talk to my family about it as it would take time. The responces I received were not what I expected. Bro said “Why ask me I am not going to be around long.”  My husband said “As lont as everything else gets taken care of you can do whatever you want.” (I often have to remind myself that Alzheimer abounds.

My sister of course hear it from both of them! I guess they must have run directly to their cell phones. She just seemed confused that they were bothering her.

Amidst everything else that must be decided today, this is now on the list.

Thanks for listening. Sometimes it helps just to put it in writing.


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