The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part XVII

It was the Monday morning when Eric Stern was supposed to be back at work in the city.

Back to the life of Eric Stern. He didn’t want to go but felt he had to; Eric had a wife, a daughter, a job, a life, as it were. Eric Stern was the real person, Jack Morgan the sham.


Yet he didn’t want to end Jack’s life. He didn’t want to lose Jack’s life. He couldn’t bear the idea of leaving forever. It was this pain which prevented him from saying  a word to anyone.

Not to Mr. Wagner. Not to Sandy.

He didn’t pack. None of the things in the room pertained to Eric Stern. They were Jack’s things, and he’d leave them.

In a way, he felt like crying. Just crying, as if watching a plane crash or a house burn down. And the best thing was to just get into his car and drive away.

So Jack Morgan, got into Eric Stern’s car, which was now a shiny green and drove out of the Motel at four thirty a.m.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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