The Odd Tale of Eric Stern – Part XIX

Two weeks ago a brown haired clean shaven man with fish belly skin had driven out. Two weeks later, a tanned, muscular blonde haired man drove in.

No one could expect a double digit I.Q. security guard to make the match. Yet, did he look that different? Well, maybe. Okay.

Eric Stern, who had been employed her for twelve years, directed to the ‘Visitors Parking’  did as he was told and now walked to the reception desk.

“Can I help you?” asked Darleen, the receptionist.

Eric was shocked when she asked him this, and looked at him with blank eyes.

“Who have you come to see?” she asked.

“Eric Stern..” he gruffed.

“I’ll see if he’s in.” She replied.

This was rich!

He debated whether or not to demand to be let in to his cubicle, but considering the major ulcer of the day would be his wife and daughter, he took the receptionist’s remark;

“I’m afraid he’s not in yet, would you wait?” with the response:

“I’ll be back later.”

So he misses a few hours of work. His wife and daughter left him three weeks ago! That was his priority.


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Written by jaylar

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